Indian and Mountain Men Club Wiesbaden e.V
Indian and Mountain Men Club Wiesbaden e.V

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English Version This has nothing to do with   "playing Native"!

 We take our hobby and the associated work in theoretical or practical form very seriously. The tepees, all clothes and objects are produced and decorated  in manual piece of work by ourselves. We practice ourselves in many skills and art craft technologies. Also in dances and songs we take care of the greatest possible authenticity. We organize and visit Powwows on week-ends. Because we get understanding and knowledge through experiences which we could never win only by reading in books. If you are interest in this hobby please contact us. We are gladly ready to give you more information about our association. There was a time in which a man did not take any more than he needed. This time is over! There was a time in which he returned something. This time is over! There was a time, in this he revered the creator and respected the creation. This time is over! And now that water has got dirty, our natural resources are away almost and the creation dies. It is a time to find our way back to the earth!

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